Melbourne CBD Owls January Meet

January 12, 2016

Melbourne CBD Brown Owls

Happy 2016 Owls! I hope you have had or are having a lovely break from work/what you usually do. Madame Brussels has confirmed our booking for Tuesday (12/1/2016) at 6:30 pm.

Come along get a breather from the craziness of the Christmas holidays/being back at work/having the kids at home. Bring whichever craft you like, there is usually a mix of activities going on. If you do not have a project (or a portable project) and would like some inspiration come along anyway for a chat and a bite to eat.

If anyone has found an exciting new craft or pattern or book that has them inspired, bring it with you! We love to share and see what is getting people excited for crafting.

Please RSVP so that I know if anyone will be there. Looking forward to seeing you all again!


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