Brunswick Brown Owl WASH CLOTHS, we’re not washing cloths, we’re MAKING wash cloths!

June 25, 2014
It’s that time of the year when we hunker down
(do we hunker up in summer?) and cozy on in while the rain and wind and fog and
mist envelop us in her cloudy embrace. These are the perfect conditions for
crafting up a veritable storm, and for the quacking ducks.
Free patterns available here on Ravelry by Kate Alvis (all images by Kate Alvis).
So to keep the craft up, we’ll be learning how
to make WASH CLOTHS next Brunswick
Brown Owl meet on Wednesday 2nd July at 7pm at the Sporting Club,
Weston St, Brunswick. Put it on your calendar! You can come meet Louis, the
charming new bearded bar manager too!
What are these washing things I speak of, I
hear you ask?
Well, they are beautiful knitted OR crocheted cloths (ONE
that you can use to wash your pretty
face, or you can wash your dishes with! You probably don’t want to be rubbing
any pans up with a beautiful organic bamboo cloth, but a crafty friend of ours
had used cotton kitchen twine to crochet and she hardly needs a scourer! How’s
SOOOOO, bring your choice of stick/s and yarn (your ball
of yarn should give you good instructions on what is the best size) or check
the web for patterns of your liking. We have a Pinterest
where you can add your own designs or fave cloths, or peruse some of
the gorgeous patterns.
SO! If you have some gorgeous wash cloths at
home and can show them off, bring them in! If you have some knitting or crochet
skills you can share, bring them in! If you need some particular sized sticks or
yarn, let us know, we’re pretty handy like that, and we’re very good at
sharing! Let us know on the Brunswick Brown Owl Facebook page. You can also keep updated on the Brown Owl Blog member page, there is an email subscriber thingy there too. 
As usual, it’s free to come and our masters of
craft are always on hand to give you a hand! Do you need a hand? Can you give a
hand? Please do! Can’t be bothered starting a new project but want to come and
craft and chat anyway? DO THAT TOO! We meet every Wednesday fortnight. If you’ve
been hibernating and you’re ready to have a mulled wine, come do that too! We
love that kinda thing. See you next week, in the name of craft! Stacy.

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