Brisbane: Macaroon Purses

August 6, 2015


Sunday 9 August
10:30am – 12:30pm
Brisbane Square Library, Brisbane CBD 
(we’ll be in a different room this time, keep an eye out for the signs in the library)

Due to demand from those of you who missed out previously the macaroon purse is back! A hand-stitched tiny purse for holding treasures. You can make yours slightly larger if you prefer.

What to bring:

-2 flat buttons 3-5cm diameter (or cut stiff cardboard disks). The size of your buttons or cardboard discs will determine the size of your purse.
-a little bit of quilt batting or felt
-cotton fabric, small prints are nice, we will use two fabrics so either two that match or contrast, whatever you think looks good together. You may like to bring along a stash of left overs to choose from on the day.
-4″ zipper (the zipper needs to be big enough to wrap around your buttons or disc mentioned above, if it’s too long you can cut it).
-cotton or linen sewing tape (or a bit of ribbon)
-needle and thread (colour of thread to match your fabric)

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