Brisbane: Crochet jewellery

July 1, 2013

It’s time for another fun crochet meet up! This time we’ll be hooking up some cute jewellery, perfect for absolute beginners or for those who are ready to tackle more advanced crochet you can hook into some different styles.

If jewellery isn’t your thing but crochet is come along anyway and crochet some squares for charity!

When: Saturday 6 July, 2013, 10:30am-12:30pm

Where: Carindale Library, Westfield Carindale, 1151 Creek Road, Carindale  

What to bring:
1. Yarn of your choice, any size from pearle 8 embroidery thread right through to t-shirt yarn, it depends on what size you would like your necklace to be. 
2. A crochet hook to go with your yarn, check the label or if you’re using thrifted yarn bring whatever hooks you have, I’ll have extra if they’re the wrong size.
3. scissors
4. A large wool needle may come in handy if you have one, I will bring extra just in case.

If you’re planning on hooking up some squares check out this post for what to bring. Extra yarn and hooks will be available to make squares.

RSVP: by email brisbanebrownowls@gmail.com as soon as possible

See you then!

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