Brisbane: Christmas meet up

December 10, 2013

It’s our last meet up for the year (other than the fabulous Woodford Folk Festival) and as a special gift to you I will be providing the template so you can make your own version of the edward & lilly Christmas Bird! Here are the details:

Create your own version of the edward & lilly Christmas bird from felt or paper to be used as decorations, given as gifts or made into a garland. 

Saturday 14 December, 10:30am-12:30pm 

Kenmore Library, 9 Brookfield Road, Kenmore (it’s in the shopping centre)
What to bring (there should be time to make one of each)
For felt birds:
– Felt in any colour of your choice
– Fabric for the centre, with only two hours there may not be time to do an embroidery in the centre but you could always make more at home. I would suggest for the birds made at the meet up to pick out some sweet patterned fabric to go with your felt or a very simple embroidery design on plain or patterned fabric. I can help out with suggestions for some simple embroidery patterns on the day.
– Matching embroidery thread 
– Ribbon, lace or twine to hang your bird
– Stuffing. General toy stuffing, cotton balls, yarn or fabric scraps or something sweet smelling like lavender. You could also leave your bird flat or stuff it later at home.
– Scissors
– Needles
– A fabric pen or pencil
For paper birds:
– Card stock will be sturdier but paper is also fine, pretty patterns or upcycled from junk mail for a bright and interesting option. Bring any textures and patterns and experiment!
– Glue
– String, twin or yarn
– Pencil
– Scissors

Book in as soon as possible to reserve a spot by emailing brisbanebrownowls@gmail.com! 

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