ALL HALLOWS EVE PUMPKIN CARVING with Allanagh, Wednesday, 23rd October 2013

October 21, 2013
Brunswick Brown Owls celebrate the festival
ALL HALLOWS EVE this Wednesday! We will celebrate with carving a big old
pumpkin. Never done it before? Me neither, but don’t worry, our champion pumpkin
carver Allanagh will be sharing her experience and skills (I’ll share my lino cutting tools with you). 

Come and join us, Wednesday 23rd October at 7pm at the Sporting Club, Weston St, Brunswick, Victoria for a Halloween pumpkin carving fiesta! 
You’ll need to pick up a pumpkin from a local grocer.

We may not live in the northern hemisphere, and
we’re not preparing for the long winter ahead, but we love to celebrate all
sorts of festivals! 

It’s not just about American teen horror films, thankfully.

Image sourced: http://www.flickr.com/photos/richardmiller/1705678779/in/photostream
 Allanagh says:
Ok folks, the time to get your scare on is fast approaching! If
you want to carve a pumpkin you should get your thinking cap on because as the
old saying goes, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
From experience, it takes a lot longer than most people realise,
so if possible, have your pumpkin
already hollowed out
(this can take between half to 1.5hrs depending on the
size of your pumpkin).
The simplest designs are often the most successful, so you might
want to print out a design. A good investment is a set of lino cutting tools
with which to carve, is at http://www.silkcutlino.ashop.com.au/
and they have them with free delivery.
Check out our Halloween Pinterest page! http://www.pinterest.com/cailinbeag/all-hallows-eve/
If you’re not into pumpkins or sharp
knives, feel free to bring your own crafty project and carry on with that,
there will be lots happening in the fine Ladies Lounge.
We’d love you to come and say HIDEE HI to
the Brunswick Brown Owls! If you can’t make it, we’ll pop up photos of the
evening on our Brunswick
Brown Owls Facebook page
so you can join in the fun too.  We have over 170 members (no spambots
luckily!), and you can be a part of our crafty community too! Come along and
learn some new skills with us!
The Sporting Club still has delicious tapas
and discounted cider jugs! Tasty. 
Bring your friends! We like your friends! We
like you!

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